Technicolor future

As a creative soul and photographer for more than ten years, I paint an uncompromising self-portrait of a naturally facetious artist, tormented, spreading himself too thinly. Telling your own truth is neither easy nor simple. Montaigne wrote: “It is a rugged road, more so than it seems, to follow a pace so rambling and uncertain, as that of our soul; to penetrate the dark profundities of its intricate internal windings; to choose and lay hold of so many little nimble motions (…)”

He was talking about writing. As photography is, by nature, psychoanalytical, perhaps in its sheer extremity exists the mirror of the photographer’s soul. We can always try!

Publication in 9 lives magazine

Future technicolor



Explosive imagination
Exhilaration of beginnings
Always on the go

Having difficulty finding myself

I saw myself at that limit
Where reason no longer grasps consciousness
And on that edge where we act
Without ever seeming to be ourselves

Real for others
Mirage for self

Choosing the lucky escape

Incensed cries
Twisting and turning

The sweating body
Escaping me

The strangeness of self

Facing a mirror
Only the reflection remains

Memory effaced
Technicolor future

Tossed around

Time disperses me
I slip through
Endless sleep
No other awakening like this

Translated by Sally Ruddock Rivière