Electric azure

Fluid, invasive, irrepressible
Sine wave to obscure solitude
Red hot exaltation, acid fog
The other, like a mirage, elusive

Plunged into a parallel world of mirrored landscapes
Consuming, quixotic, azure journeys

Self-presence, self-evaporation
On the horizon, metallic comfort

Flower-thin skin
Lacerated by a tear
Tattooed in translucent ink

Nowhere to go
Roaming ghost-like in the sparkle of nature
Seeking light among the filament branches
And the echoes of electrical synapses

Pellets of ice suspended in the chasm of the head
See snow in summer, spume in the clouds

Surrender, immensely small
In a marshmallow spacetime
Hoping for a leap into otherness
Filled by a miraculous void containing a thousand promises

Infinite blue inside, soothing light
Nestled in the violet rays
Escaped from the rainbow’s grasp