I was 20 years old: I went to Hawaii for a three-month internship with the NGO Habitat for Humanity, promoting a programme to build 250 houses for poor families in the Philippines.

Overflowing with enthusiasm, I suggested to Ken, the director, from France, that we could organise a 230 km run around the island of Oahu. He agreed and I got on a plane.

After intense personal preparation and a folk group start, I ran virtually alone for 5 days. An excess of optimism or a bad communication? I prefer to laugh about it. Ken too.

My camera will be my most faithful companion. A few television and radio appearances are punctuing the adventure. I’m in a bohemian mood, inviting myself to people’s homes every evening, meeting them by chance. I sleep in their homes. Galvanised by the dozens of miles running, doped up by endorphins, my mind wanders completely.

Meanwhile, Ken is having fun telling the press about the adventures of a Frenchman who plays Forest Gump, not without some teasing! Today, I’m telling this story in a book.