Personal flashback

2008: I spent a day photographing this Jewish family. I wanted to experiment, create a fresco. But I also wanted ­to explore the reality of another family, from within. Perhaps to better understand mine. The family, of Iranian origin, is composed of more women than men. There’s a lot of joy and happiness, along with life’s difficulties. While I photographed them, they answered my questions with sincerity, laughter, but also reserve. And I recorded their voices.

2020: 12 years have gone by and I still haven’t shown the family my fresco. A couple of times I offered to, but deep within, I think I waited on purpose. I needed that time, as if it were a poetic gesture.

Now I’m finally going to send them the link to this page, so they can see my fresco. Perhaps they’ll be touched? The children will have grown up. I’d love to see them soon to know their reactions.